Beneficial properties of a bath: varieties, how to choose

The ancient Greeks and the Romans accepted the Baths. Already at that time, people understood not only the practical significance of the bathhouse, but also knew that such a procedure heals and improves human health. Today, a bathhouse is an integral component of almost any spa center. Next, we will talk about the two main types of baths: a bathhouse in Russian and a bathhouse in Finnish.

Bath in Russian.

The total majority centers in the post-Soviet space have a traditional Russian bath among their services. Its main feature is wet steam. The phrase give a couple, entirely and fully corresponds to reality. In the steam room is a stove with stones that are periodically watered with hot water. So, hot water on hot stones instantly turns into steam. If the bath is made by all canons, then its floor should be covered with coniferous plants. If such a “luxury” is not available, then essential oils or herbal infusions are simply added to the water. Thus, the Russian bathhouse is also a session of aromatherapy. An integral attribute of the Russian bath is also a birch broom. Light blows with a broom on the body are comparable to the action with peeling and massage.

Bath in Finnish.

Unlike the Russian bath, Finnish is primarily dry heat. When the air temperature reaches +90 degrees, the humidity should be opposite low, about 20%. Such an attitude of temperature to humidity is better tolerated by the body than a wet bathhouse. This procedure helps relieve physical tension in the muscles, relax. After a bath or sauna, do not forget to be plunged in the pool or snow. This procedure will help to refresh and feel vigor.

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