How to competently choose shoes for a girl of low stature

Looking at the long -legged beauties, you sometimes begin to think and be upset, why didn’t you get such long legs. Most girls resort to plastic surgery, but if they go unsuccessfully, begin to regret. Do not be upset and resort to such hard measures. Now, with the help of some secrets, you do not need to resort to surgical interventions, you can even achieve the effect of elongated legs without them. We want to tell you a little about the female tricks that will touch your legs. Clothing will help to visually lengthen your legs, which will be sustained in the same color scheme. It is better to choose clothes with vertical stripes on clothes, this will help visually pull the figure, thereby you will achieve the effect of lengthening. But the horizontal stripes on clothes should be abandoned, as they visually make the silhouette wider.  When choosing trousers, lean more to the classic black, especially with the arrow, they will very slim you, thereby visually pull. It is best to avoid various applications and embroidery on jeans, they will give the figure only heavyness. . Give preferences a high landing. If you want to lengthen your legs, then you will have to abandon the overpass, breeches, because they visually not only shorten your legs, but also make them even more thicker. . Short ones can also be worn, but it is better if they are combined with high boots. .  Choose tights to the tone of the shoes, that is, if you have flesh -colored tights, then shoes should be put on the same tone.  . Only at the same time you should walk beautifully and carefully if you do not want your legs not to suffer. 

. When picking up boots, stop at the models of strict cut with a shin to the knee. Bottos boots will visually shorten your legs, but boots and half-boots on the contrary will lengthen. In the summer, it is better to buy the most open heel sandals as possible. .

These secrets will help you visually become more slender and high!


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