How to do a pregnant woman to engage in fitness

Unless you have special recommendations, then a passive life is not good for you. But fitness during pregnancy, this is just excellent preparation for childbirth. . .

– The very first is the resolution of your gynecologist.

– . It is advisable to conduct classes with an instructor. And there is already a huge selection, it can be yoga for pregnant women, and aquaerobic, and fitball, and just gymnastics, and maybe even respiratory-rh thelaxation training, as well as much more.

– . . But to engage only at will, from time to time, it is only additional stress to your body and the unborn child.

– .

– The room in which the lesson takes place should be well ventilated, and at the same time there should not be a draft. We are located not on the floor, but on a special rug.

– . If the frequency of shock exceeds 140 beats per minute, then the exercises should be stopped immediately.

– Follow the load, do not overheat, do not overheat – this is, oh, how useful it is for your unborn child.

– equilibrium. All exercises should be without the risk of losing balance. AK that step and dance aerobics are not for your current position.

– . In this position, the risk of a lack of oxygen increases. The safest for you will be exercises in a sitting position. And to change the load, just change the angle of inclination of your body. . Since the body is prepared for childbirth, the body of relaxin increases in the body, which helps soften the tissues of the pelvis, and all joints and tissues become more weakened. And if you do not take into account this factor when classes with fitness, then you can harm yourself. So remember the main rules for you: support for the back and small loads.

Pleasant classes and easy births to you.

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