Do I need to make a visa to a child for a trip

To date, many parents have the opportunity to send their children outside the country of their residence, both one and with the family, for example, for training in language courses or for relaxing in a foreign camp. Nevertheless, the receipt of documents for entry remains an important problem to the country of stay, for example, the same visa. Is it required for a child for a foreign trip?

First of all, the need to obtain a visa for the child, as, in fact for an adult, will depend on which visa regime is established in a particular country. To travel to the so -called visa -free countries will be enough, a foreign passport, both for children and adults.

Different options are possible for a trip to states with a mandatory visa design. If you have a foreign passport of the old -sample, that is, for a term of five years, then the child who travels with you may not receive a visa. But for this, the child must be inscribed in an adult passport. This entry must be set and certified by the specialists of the Federal Migration Service at your place of residence.

Moreover, if the child has already been inscribed in your passport, and you want to go on a trip with him, then when applying, an application for a visa should indicate that you want to go on a trip with a child.

Those parents, in the hands of which a foreign passport of a “new generation”, whose shelf life is designed for ten years, no longer have the opportunity to enter their child there. For this reason, they have to arrange a separate passport for their child and a separate visa. At the time of receiving a visa, one of the parents can independently fill out the questionnaire provided at the consulate and put his personal signature in it. In most cases, the parent can independently sign a document for a visa. The presence of a visa recipient may be required only if the child has already reached the age of fourteen, or at the special requirement of the embassy.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that a number of necessary documents for an “adult” and “children’s” visa may be somewhat different. In most cases, for paperwork for a child, it may be necessary to provide an additional birth certificate and notarized consent from the second parent, if you do not go on a journey with the whole family. These documents should be supplemented by a notarized translation into the language of the state appointment.

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