What style of clothing to choose to go to work

. If you are aimed at something more, stop showing weakness, do not provoke men’s colleagues to an irritable reaction. In a tough competition, it is better to show professional qualities, become a strong player. Coques and flirting let them wait until the end of the working day, they will come in handy outside the office. The most prohibited technique is flirting with the leader. The encouraged atmosphere in the team does not play on the hand of a woman. She will be fired before the rest.

The best style of clothing at work is business. Extravagant outfits will attract attention only on the first day, well, two days. Men are usually passionate about work, every day they will not pay attention to your outfits. Some elements of men’s clothing, for example, a vest, a jacket or trousers will serve your good service. Try it. This will make you slightly similar to colleagues, but will not reduce femininity.

If a woman wants to establish herself in a men’s team, she does not need to shoot her eyes or seek courtship. Men see all this in a different life. At work, they want a clear performance of production duties. Your colleagues more worry more than you imagine as a specialist. And the men discussed your female virtues already in the first hours of your appearance at work.

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