How to avoid conflict between children on the playground

Conflicts in children on a walk quite often arise, which entails a spoiled mood like that of the mother and the child

I am the first!

Children on the playground often begin to argue because of the occupied swing. When one child rides, and the second comes and asks to give in to him. In such cases, if your child is already skating, and you see on the horizon of the next “applicant” in advance, begin to prepare yours to the fact that soon you will need to yield. If your child is not going to concede or only villages himself, then try to politely offer a “competitor” any of your.

It is mine!

There are times when a stranger child takes your baby toys, there is no one without clarification. Your task is to take the side of your child. Ask him – whether he wants to leave the toy at home, not forgetting to explain that the other child took her to play for a while, because he really liked it. If this option is not suitable, ask someone else’s child to give your toy in return – offer an exchange. If your child does not want to give his own in any way, he has every right to do so. Then politely refuse someone else’s.  Try to hush up too much conflict by switching the attention of both children to some other interesting topic.

And I want!

There are opposite situations – when your child wants to play with someone else’s toy, taking it away. 

The child must be taught the concepts of “mine” and “alien”, respect someone else’s.

. Offer to ask for this toy later or offer the baby an exchange for their toys.

Give change

Children are very emotional. When the child was pushed, sprinkled with sand, he immediately strive to give back.

Psychologists advise avoiding fights in children and accustom to peace negotiations.  Tell the children loudly and clearly that you can’t fight and correctly politely answer. Explain that playing together is much more interesting and more fun than to make up.

Remarks of outsiders

.P.  Children react to such comments.


Comments “Bad Mom”

Also outsiders love to make a remark and mother herself.  Better pretend not noticed. Nobody needs extra conflicts.

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