What is the labor education of the child

Historically, that a woman today has to be not only the keeper of the hearth, but also a successful business woman, smart man and simple beauty. Moreover, a man, a miner and a defender, does not feel remorse, putting an unbearable burden of household chores on fragile female shoulders.

At first, it seems to the woman that she is all capable of her, that the help of a man is useless: she is strong, she is independent. But over time, this state of affairs begins to annoy more and more, embittiness appears in relation to her husband. .

. If he is accustomed to housekeeping from childhood, he knows that the dust itself does not disappear, and the floors do not become clean, you are incredibly lucky. And if he also cooks, then thank the providence for such a gift.

If, in childhood, my mother was engaged in herself, teaching her son that homework is an exclusively female thing, she would have to sweat. First talk to your husband, discuss with him what worries you. . The husband himself must know that the exhaustion of forces will not lead to good. .

Distributing responsibilities, ask your spouse that he likes more and what I would never want to do. . Do not forget that men are the same children, because they need to be praised.

You can criticize, but in moderation. Otherwise, then force the spouse will be impossible to do something: men are extremely touchy and suspicious, although they hide it. . Mistakes cannot be ridiculed sharply, but do not teach your spouse yet and do not make him a boy “bring”.

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