The consequences of inflammatory processes in appendages

Than the inflammation of the appendages is dangerous? Experts call specialists to fallopian pipes and ovaries. Eggs arise and ripen in the ovaries, and the eggs fall into the uterus through the pipes. Healthy appendages do not contain microorganisms. But if an infection falls into the appendages, then a woman may have adnexitis – inflammation of the appendages.  Like any other disease, inflammation of the appendages can be chronic, sluggish or acute.

The acute form manifests itself as follows: a woman complains of pain in the lower abdomen, discharge from the genitals, fever, violations or delayed menstruation.  Chronic disease becomes after an unexplored or not at all treated acute form of inflammation. . The most dangerous sluggish form – does not manifest itself practically in any way, but slowly and correctly amazes the appendages.  Therefore, it is important for every woman to regularly attend consultations of a doctor – gynecologist.

Remember that inflammation of the appendages is an insidious disease. It can cause infertility or increase the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy. If the treatment is prescribed correctly and the patient fulfills all the doctor’s recommendations, then the symptoms of acute form will be removed in a few days, but the treatment cannot be stopped. The recovery process is quite long, even if you feel good already. Your doctor will prescribe to you anti -inflammatory, antimicrobial, restorative therapy. .

Doctors prescribe antibiotics, physiotherapy, treatment at balneological resorts. . As auxiliary, but not instead of prescribed by a doctor, you can use folk remedies. .

. . For three weeks, drink this tea. And for douching, you can make an infusion of flowers of calendula, yarrow, horsetail and knotter. The herbs are mixed in equal shares and poured with a liter of boiling water.

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