How to make her husband be jealous: methods, tips

Some girls suffer from the fact that the husband is very jealous, while others are tormented by the question of how to make her husband be jealous.

Why? Proverb "Husband is jealous – it means love" Fet the consciousness of the weak half. And even those women who jealous people cause many troubles, consider jealousy a manifestation of love. It’s a delusion!

The main reason for the jealousy of men is most often the infidelity of their second half. People always want to see their shortcomings in others. Crooks in every second see their fellow, lies do not believe anyone, and the wrong husbands do not give rest to themselves or their wife with their jealousy.

True, this is not the only cause of jealousy. It often happens that this is a complex of inferiority, greed or a sense of personal property. Psychologists do not attribute love to the primary source of jealousy. Jealousy is often a preposition for the most stringent family conflicts.

Show female wisdom.

In such ways of overcoming male jealousy, psychologists advise using only women who are able to always own themselves.

Try to bring his jealousy to a paradox. He is jealous, draws bright pictures in his head. Do not deny his accusations, but try to show him smart, ironic and accurate remarks how he, smart, loving intellectual looks from the side.


Start writing a novel

Most likely, the bachelorette planned and approved by her husband will end in the morning of a scene of jealousy. Take advantage of his predictability and "Admit it to everything". .

"recognition" And show the jealous.

Never, under no circumstances, try to include sex in the story. Otherwise it will not reach a book with a bookmark.

The method is effective, but one -time. The next time you have to invent another script.

He is jealous because he is not healthy. . You have to make all your strength, it is best that the jealous person recognize his jealousy with a disease, for example, like alcoholism. And when jealousy is approaching, he knew how to restrain himself and stop in time.

A difficult way. But scientists argue that following him is easier than living in incessant jealousy.

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