When is the best way to start family planning

It is a mistake to think that the process of family planning begins at the moment when you decided to become parents. . If you look into the encyclopedia, then under the term “family planning” you will find an interpretation that states that this process means people to consciously have children, thinking through their number and terms in which they should be born.  In other words, this is the right of a person to completely plan the life of his family. Of course, this most important aspect of our being cannot only statistical data and various indicators. .

Without thinking about the existence of this term, a colossal number of people calmly create their families, while making a decision to have children or not. . But, regardless of this fact, a couple, which is responsible for the birth of children and, directly, their upbringing, should prepare for this moment not only morally, but also physically. Development of children depends on the relationship of their parents.  Spouses must learn, not only listen, but also hear each other. After all, women and men are creating from completely different planets and are simply obliged to learn to understand, accept and, of course, respect each other

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