Folk ways to combat “cellulite”: which one to choose

This is the hated word “cellulite”. How does it poison life! But do not cry, because you can fight this manifestation, the main thing is to act and be patient. Initially, it is worth deciding what caused this malaise, and then choose the methods of struggle. So, a deficit of movement, stressful state, improper nutrition and a violation of the hormonal background leads to the appearance of cellulite. In addition, banal hypothermia of the body can lead to the beginning of the development of cellulite.

To begin with, try to avoid the factors that caused the appearance of this ailment, lead an active lifestyle, replace fatty foods more healthy, think positively or check your hormonal composition.

After starting to actively and purposefully fight the manifestations of cellulite. Take a contrast shower, it will not only help to overcome cellulite, but also activates the protective functions of the body, increase the skin tone of the whole body and accelerate metabolism. During the shower, use scrubs, dynamically rub them with a washcloth in the places of cellulite manifestation, this will remove the coarsening areas of the body and increase the flow of blood.

Move more, you don’t have to run in the stadium, you can just use the stairs instead of the elevator, which is in every entrance, go back and forth every day, and you will not only have a chance to get rid of the manifestations of cellulite, but also the priest will be pulled up. With a long sitting position, take small breaks and make a warm -up.

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