What is a thematic wedding: topics options

Each bride wants to be the most beautiful and unique with impeccable style. Surely each of us dreamed in childhood about a wedding dress, like a princess – with magnificent crinoline and a long hem.  But since then, the wedding fashion has managed to change several times. There are advantages in this – now such a large number of styles of wedding dresses have appeared that only you are marrying.

It became fashionable to make thematic weddings-for example, a retro show, a wedding dudes. And dresses for them corresponding to that time.

Let’s look at some styles of wedding dresses.

Retro. Here the style depends on the dresses of the time that you have chosen. For example, a retro dress in the style of the 20s. American gangsters with a Cuban cigarette in their teeth, girls with short hair in straight dresses immediately come to mind. A wedding dress can be recreated in this way: a narrow dress with a neckline to a hem, a fitting silhouette that shows all the bends of the body. The neckline and length of the sleeves can be different, for example, a dress without straps will give you sexuality and elegance, and long sleeves-backgrounds will look romantic.

Empire (imperial style, Greek dress) is the image of Natasha Rostova, the image of youth and romanticism. . The silhouette of the dress is universal, it can be advised to future mothers-universities, as a tall waist will hide the tummy. Also, such a waist will emphasize the chest well. Empire dress does not constrain movement, which is very important during the entire wedding process.

. Such a dress will immediately make you a fabulous heroine. Silhouette of a dress with a pronounced waist and a voluminous skirt. . . Pay attention also to long sleeves made of lace, they will look especially good on slender handles.

Short dress.. And in vain, because such a dress looks extraordinary, fresh and practical. If you want to present your wedding unusual, not like everyone else is what you need. This dress is also suitable for those who have a wedding ceremony on the seashore.

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