What parents need to know about raising a child

In our huge information world, many factors and social institutions have influence on the education of a child. Here is a school, and additional education, for example, sections or circles, and communication on the Internet and real life. But the role of the family is priority. The foundations of worldview and social values ​​are laid here in the family. From the first day, the child is observing the atmosphere in the family. If calm reigns there, good -natured, caring relations between his parents, then his worldview will form a calm. For nervous parents, most likely and the child will grow irritable.

Parents are an example to follow and the first educators. Their impact on the baby in the first years of his life is especially great. That is why raising a child is a very responsible business. Feeding, drinking and dressing children is not all. A huge role should be assigned to spiritual and physical education, the development of their personality. Best if the child is brought up in a full family. Children try on the roles of mom and dad, imitating their behavior. Children see falsehood and hypocrisy. One cannot tell the child, but in life to follow other principles. Children will not accept words, but deeds. They will learn double standards. Of course, for teenagers, friends look more authoritative, but the role of the family will remain significant if parents find a common faithful language with their children. It is important to do this with adolescents.

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