How a pregnant woman protect against frost: tips, rules

In our region, Frost is a very characteristic phenomenon during the winter.  And it is very difficult for a pregnant woman to endure any weather changes, because her physiological and emotional state is very vulnerable.  Experts have developed special methods for combating frost without any health damage.  .

What is recommended to dress a pregnant woman when exiting to crackling frost?  .  But this type of clothing is very heavy and bulky, and a pregnant woman who is so burdened by the entire pregnancy process, is unlikely to be able to walk in a heavy fur coat.  I advise you to wear a winter overalls. .

The fabric of the overalls should have non -impeded properties, as well as to be waterproof, breathing, to be elastic at any temperature.  . The upper part should be sewn from a softer fabric.  It is good to put on a jumper or sweater under the jumpsuit, which will create additional protection against the cold.

Pregnant women should not neglect the protection of the skin of the face, arms and lips from severe frost.  .  It is better to immediately stock up on all means from frost, which contain natural essential oils, for example, fir or roses.  . Sea buckthorn oil is also suitable.

Also frost negatively affects the condition of the hair. .

.  .  The best for this is meat without spices in boiled or stewed form.

Pregnant is a very special condition for a woman. .

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