What is the second trimester of pregnancy

The second trimester of pregnancy lasts 14 weeks. At this time, the future mother first begins to feel the stirring of her baby inside. This leads to the fact that a woman has a feeling of duality, which is also called the phenomenon of double "I". This is manifested in the fact that a woman feels unity with her baby on the one hand, but on the other, the child is a completely independent creature. This phenomenon significantly develops the mother’s attachment to her child. . So the harmony between the woman and the child can be disturbed. To avoid this, try to draw the attention of a woman to the fact that the gender of the child is not so important that his health is much more important, and this depends on the fact that the mother will not be nervous during pregnancy.

In the same period, pregnant women significantly increase the stomach, and mothers begin to worry about the fact that they are no longer slim and beautiful. Remember that these changes are natural. Often, at the training courses for childbirth, they use an exercise in which people share their impressions of the changes and the beauty of pregnant women. .

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