How to properly plan a wedding trip

Wedding is the event that we remember for life. And the honeymoon is what your life together begins. So let it start beautifully ..

Think in advance and discuss where you would like to spend your wedding trip.  It is necessary to carefully consider whether it will be an active vacation or not, you want solitude or mass.  Fortunately, today you can go anywhere, almost anywhere in the planet.

It is worth considering the duration of the trip. Typically, the newlyweds leave the day after the marriage, but it is possible later. For example, European capitals are perfect for a romantic trip, with their unsurpassed beauties: Paris or Rome, London or Vienna, or maybe even Prague – you must agree, you can visit these cities more than once.

Lovers of golden beaches are perfect for Corsica, Crete, Seychelles and many. Other skeletons. The main thing is that you are guaranteed beautiful weather, a wonderful climate and azure sea with gold.

Those who want to retire are perfect for a vacation in comfortable cottages on the shore of lakes or in a pine forest. A walk on a boat or candlelight dinner near the fireplace will be remembered for a lifetime.

But wherever you were offered to go, do not forget about the nearest resorts, such as Crimea, Greece, Egypt and even Turkey. And what are the white nights in St. Petersburg ..

In any case, wherever you go, the main thing is that you are surrounded by a romantic atmosphere, you enjoy every moment of the spent.

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