The countries of the East are worth visiting what to take into account

For lovers of oriental exotic, warm countries, colorful markets and landscapes, for those who dream to combine beach holidays and medical procedures, shopping with bright national spectacles, taste unusual moroccan cuisine or get acquainted with amazing culture and attractions. It is necessary to start studying tours in Morocco, prices for them and other related details of the trip.

There are a “bunch” of reasons to visit this amazingly charming country.

Tanger. Bohemian place since the appearance of Western artists and creative personalities. Saying off the Spanish ferry, travelers plunge into the world of antiquity and energy of Tanger, which seems chaos. Mediterranean beaches – a unique place for vindsurfing and surf lovers.

Resort Marrakesh. For a long time was the capital of the state. Atmosphere of the holiday and exotic. Walking alleys, orange gardens, beautiful palace. All conditions for shopping. The riot of colorful carpets, the national color of local markets and bizarre leather-wing gold shoes with bent socks-Moroccan distinctive brand. Marrakesh – center of ancient homeopathy. Marrakesh pharmacists – both healers and healers. They own the secrets of many potions ..

Morocco – Contrast Country. Muslim traditions in harmony with colonial architecture. This is especially manifested in the monumental mosque Hassan II in Casablanca open to visiting non -Muslims. Meknes and Fes – Imperial cities with a once -rich history. About 100 thousand narrow transitions and overlings are interspersed with shops and shops of souvenirs.

Erfud oases and Mergets – a series of endless open spaces, mountains and palm trees. Dades and tora – a canyon with a serpentine carved in a cliff.

Without acquaintance with Sahara, a trip to Morocco – an incomplete journey. Gold of sandy dunes against the backdrop of a blue sky. Camel walks, an overnight stay in the Bedouin tent, jeep-spari at will.

Atlas Mountains – the purest air, a sea of ​​attractions, stunning landscape beauty. You can study the territory on a mountain bike or visit a ski resort (in Africa!).

Eswyr-the element of surfers and baidaroers. Perfect place to relax.

Anywhere in Morocco, every traveler can drink mint tea, stop at a boutique-hoter (courtyard house) and, after an active pastime, visit a Turkish bathhouse, sauna, a moroccan steam room or just soak in the pool.

What can I say … East … Thin.

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