How to behave to a woman if a man has changed

Treason is not such a rare phenomenon in our daily life, but why this is happening, humanity does not cease to ask this question. . .

. . For men, treason is just a distraction from everyday life, a frivolous business and a companion for one night will not turn into a permanent mistress. With such treason, the man will not give himself out, it will remain his secret, his beloved wife will never know anything and he is not going to leave her in any case. For him it was just sex, nothing more. . Everything is simple. Such treason is not a reason for breaking up relationships, she and most likely the spouse will not know anything. Men are inherently hunters, they received their “victim” and went home, where they are waiting for a cozy nest and a faithful wife. .

For a woman, everything is different. Firstly, sex for a woman is always not only satisfying physical desires, but also spiritual rapprochement with a partner. . . Therefore, if a woman decided to betray, here it is worth looking for deep reasons. This can be the dissatisfaction with sexual relations with the legal spouse, lack of attention on his part, frequent quarrels and cooled feelings. Therefore, it is worth considering whether there is generally the concept of betrayal for one night for women?

Когда же появляется любовница – это уже серьезно, здесь одноразовой встречей не обошлось и отношения затянулись. . Men here, too, can have several options for the development of events: he will either leave his wife, or he will live on two fronts. .

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