How effectively the Borotics with “orange crust” on the buttocks

Women after 20 are faced with the problem of “orange peel” on their legs and buttocks. In fact, cellulite appears due to changes in the subcutaneous fat layer. The fat cell increases, hardens, and unpleasant and ugly tubercles appear on the skin. Doctors assure that the fight against them is just a marketing move. So companies producing cosmetics want to increase profit, making anti -cellulite agents.

In an increase in subcutaneous fat cells, female hormones are to blame, in particular estrogen. His “thoughts” are the most pure: help in giving a child, since fat cells are a drive of important trace elements.

Other reasons why an orange crust appears, include poor nutrition, lack of physical exertion, harmful food. Excess salt in food leads to stagnation of fluid in the body, which is the cause of metabolic disorders. Not in last place and the hereditary factor.

The first step towards victory over cellulite is a change in the diet. If the case is “frivolous”: cellulite is noticeable only when the skin is compressed, you can limit yourself to oils that will make the skin more elastic and elastic. Otherwise, it is better to choose means containing caffeine, horse chestnut extract, Iglits and ivy. They will remove excess fluid from the body, relieve swelling of the legs. Lugging your legs with cream, massage them, pinching and patting.

Massage. True, it is quite unpleasant, but the result is practically “obvious”. It will not be possible to do with one session, it is better to suffer 5-7 times, but then flaunt in short shorts without a twinge of conscience!

Sharko shower is another way to combat an unpleasant phenomenon. It will improve blood circulation, accelerate the metabolism. The skin after the procedure will turn red due to the exposure of water under high pressure, but redness will quickly fall.

Seaweed saturate the skin with microelements, moisturize and nourish it. Wraps with seaweeds help to remove excess fluid from the body. As the beauty salons assure, one wrapping procedure eliminates several extra pounds.

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