How to protect against the hot sun during vacation

 Summer, hot time for every girl. There comes a time when absolutely any beauty wants to boast of her unusual elegant body, but clothing does not always give such an effect. .  . He makes the body more beautiful, emphasizes all our virtues. Well, in order for the tan to stay for a long time and be uniform throughout the body, you need to know a few secrets to achieve a bronze effect.  

Spending a long time under the sun you should not forget to take care of your skin. Yes, the sun will give you a bronze hue, but at the same time it will greatly dehydrate the body, so it is necessary to moisten your body with lotions, creams after tanning. .  Do not forget about protecting the delicate part around the eyes, it is 5 times thinner than the entire skin of the face. Going to the beach, do not forget to grab a hat and glasses with you in your purse, they will save from the effects of ultraviolet radiation. A thin strip of cream with a high degree of protection will help protect your nose from combustion. . If you want to protect your hair from drying out, then try to provide them with additional moisture and food. Capture protective hair for hair on the beach and apply it to the tips after bathing.

 You cannot deny yourself makeup even while at sea, then use a cunning advice.  . This tool will replace blush, make the face more expressive and will not spread throughout the face after bathing. . If you want to prepare your body in advance before vacation, then a couple of days before it take a vitaminized cocktail and vitamins, this will help you achieve a healthy tanning.  Such products usually include palm tree oil and carrot juice extract.  .

Each girl’s mistake is to take a sunny tan immediately after bathing. . Happy tan to you!

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