Than the cancun is known to tourists what to see

Cancun is one of the best resorts of the Caribbean. The resort city is known not only with sandy beaches, which are always supported in excellent condition and azure waves, but also a fun and noisy nightly life.

The local population is compared with Miami, to such an extent it is popular among travelers from various parts of the planet. Cancun can be conditionally divided into two parts – the area of ​​hotels and hotels, and, directly the city itself. Unlike other Mexican cities, it is simply impossible to meet the poor.

But this does not indicate high general prosperity. It’s just that the police, who are leaning the poor, so that they do not spoil the overall picture and could not spoil the rest of the city guests well.

Along the coastline, 450 kilometers spread out beaches with white sand, which appeared from the remnants of the coral reef. In length, he is in second place in the world, after the Australian beach, and is very beautiful.

Kankun is known for his hotels, in which approximately three million travelers stop every year, probably from all continents of the world. About seventy hotel hotels are located along the coast. They are able to offer their guests a wide variety of entertainment and services, including rest on a well -groomed and pure beach with snow -white sand.

And since the beaches are not the property of hotels, absolutely anyone can be on them. But you can use the equipment provided by hotels either for an additional fee or with the permission of the hotel administration.

Cancun is a great choice for lovers of nightlife, especially for those who prefer calm night entertainments. The heat gradually disappears, pleasant coolness appears, at this time you can take a table in one of the restaurants, or you can go ashore and spend the night, looking at the starry sky, you can also ride on some swimming tool, and the girls will be able to accept the so-called Lunar tan.

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