How to behave with a child if he is unnecessary

The premature is a child who was born before 37-38 weeks of pregnancy, as well as who weighs less than two and a half kilograms. .

If the child was born very early, then he is immediately placed in an incubator in which he is nursed for the first time. In the incubator, the necessary control over the development of the child, feeding and other procedures takes place. In the incubator, the child will be until he can exist independently, after which the child is given to his mother. These incubators preserve a certain air temperature, humidity, and a certain concentration of air is also supported.

You can take the child home only after his mass crosses the line equal to 2300 grams. Also, the child should already be able to suck milk well, and the body temperature is constant and is within normal. Before bringing the baby home, it is necessary to take care of some environmental factors: the temperature in which the baby is located should be from 22 to 25 degrees Celsius.

You must constantly in contact with the child so that your skin touches the baby’s skin. This is necessary in order to feel the child and make sure that he does not hypothermia. If your child sleeps in a crib, then next to her you need to hang a thermometer in order to constantly keep the temperature under control. .

It must be remembered that during the day every 3-4 hours for 20 minutes you must ventilate the room in which the child is located. It is necessary to ventilate in winter. For this, it is necessary for a while to take the child to another room.

You must very seriously and accurately belong to the bathing of a premature child. If your child was born with a weight of up to 1,500 grams, then for several weeks it is strictly forbidden to bathe a child. If the child weighs more than 1,500 grams, then you can bathe it in a week. You need to bathe a child in a baby bath. At the moment when bathing occurs, the temperature in the room should be exactly 25 degrees, and the water temperature should correspond to 38 degrees. Premature children need to bathe in the overwhelming water. Also do not forget to constantly maintain water temperature at 38 degrees. With a decrease in temperature, even by 1 degree, it is necessary to add hot water, but also.

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