Rio de Janeiro areas of the city planning excursions

Rio, as also called Rio de Janeiro, the largest city not only in Brazil, but also in the world.  The world fame was brought to him by the golden sandy beaches of Kopakaban and the famous Brazilian carnival. Throughout the world, Brazil is called the country of football, and really, here it was elevated almost to the rank of deity.  And the giant stadium “Maracan” in Rio de Janeiro rises like a temple built in honor of this sport.

Rio can be divided into four districts: historical center, northern zone, western zone and southern zone. Cultural and financial institutions concentrated in the historical center, among them the National Library, the Museum of Arts, the City Theater and Sambodr, the venue for the annual festive carnival. In the southern zone are the beaches and lagoon Rodrigo de Freetash.

City `s history

The city of Portuguese founded in 1565. In order to protect against tribes of Indians and pirates who were the owners of local waters. Almost two hundred years, until 1960. He was the capital of Brazil. And although the status of the capital of the state now belongs to another city, Rio continues to be the sports capital of the world. As a country made football by almost a “religion”, Brazil, and in particular Rio de Janeiro will be the owners of the World Cup in 2014, and after a couple of years, in 2016 will hold summer Olympic Games on their territory.

The city’s attractions

Of course these are beaches, a popular vacation spot and local residents and guests of the city. They go here not just to swim and sunbathe, but spend time in pleasant communication with friends. Beach – concentration of people connected by common interests. You can meet here, you can deal with your favorite sport together. Beach football (where without him), surf, participation in various beach parties – all this attracts people of any age here.

Buy everything from simple souvenirs to carnival costumes, you can at the fair occupying the territory of eleven streets. Fairs are the main place of trade where it is allowed to bargain. Having shown a little perseverance, you can significantly reduce the price. If you decide not to limit yourself to simple souvenirs, visit jewelry stores. The quality of diamonds, topazes, emeralds meet the highest requirements, but prices will pleasantly surprise you.

The hallmark of Rio de Janeiro can rightly be called a 396 meter mountain called sugar head. Without lifting here on the cable car, a visit to Rio can be considered incomplete.

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