How to correctly prepare for spring: we pack winter things

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For the beginning, we will revise all things and if any of them require urgent repairs or need dry cleaning, then we immediately attribute them to the workshop, do not wait for the next winter. . We hang fur coats and sheepskin coats and sheepskin coats and put on on top of special clothing covers. . . No need to iron them, but simply gently fold them on the farthest shelf in the closet. . .

Another way to store things is vacuum. This is not a completely new invention. Very practical and convenient, but for unclear reasons it is not used by many. . In addition, vacuum storage is a reliable protection of things from dust, pray, fungus and other microbes. This is due to the fact that there is no air in them, which means that living microorganisms simply cannot exist. . . . All lightning and rivets should be inside things so that they do not tear the packaging. Also, it is necessary to accurately follow the instructions, namely: do not overload the package, do not use them to store foods, they cannot be stored in leather or fur products and you need to ventilate things every six months.

. . . Inside the shoes need to put special inserts or ordinary paper so that it does not lose shape. . And if the shoes are in good condition, then it is better to give it to the orphanage, if in the deplorable, then throw it away without any regret. Do not turn your house into a repository of old things, but on the contrary, make it even more spacious and bright.

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