How to deal with oily shine on the face

Fatty shine on the face is most often an internal problem. . So it can be stress, dysbiosis, vitamin deficiency, gynecological problems … If you think it is time to consult a specialist, consult first with a doctor, be it an endocrinologist, gastroineerologist, gynecologist, but for starters you should contact a therapist who can suggest the treatment by establishing by establishing The reason for the blockage of pores.

It is worth remembering about proper nutrition and keep a diet. . Food of this kind gives a load on the liver, which is very affecting the skin. . Such a diet will be favorable to the whole body, and first of all your stomach with the intestines. .

Do not forget to consult with your cosmetologist, only the specialist will correctly evaluate the condition of the skin and help choose the right care.

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