Kanberra what kind of city are amazing attractions

Kanberra is the capital of the Australian Union. Its population is about 334 thousand people, it is also the largest city in Australia, located not on the coast. The city is located in the southeast of the continent and is located 280 kilometers southwest of Sydney and 650 kilometers northeast of Melbourne.

Australian Union – a state formed in 1901 on the territory of Australia. Two largest cities – Melbourne and Sydney claimed to be called the capital. Compromisingly after hot and protracted disputes, it was decided to create a capital on the territory of the new South Wales, between Sydney and Melbourne, and Melbourne became the capital during the construction of the capital. In those days, Kanberra was a valley with rare vegetation surrounded by hills. The length of the valley was 370 kilometers.

Word "Canberra" translated as "Place of meetings", suitable name for the capital. . Walter Griffin, architect from Chicago, won the competition.

Officially the capital was laid in 1913, its construction lasted more than fifty years. Today, Canberra is a convenient, perfectly planned, green city. In the center of Kanberra is the artificial lake of Berley-Griffin, named by local residents in honor of the architect who planned the city. .

Hotels, a university complex, a shopping center, diplomatic and residential quarter were built in Kanberra. "needle". It is also worth noting the karilon, a trihedral tower-ring. Kanberra is characterized by a very high level of culture of the population – here is the highest percentage of the population having higher education among all cities of Australia.

Immediately there is an Australian National Gallery, where a collection of more than 70 thousand works of art is collected. This is one of the most extensive collections in the southern hemisphere. .

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