When they first talked about pajamas: interesting facts

The first to bring male pajamas to fashion was Coco Chanel in the 20s. Then, in the 60s, the collection “Pajama-Palazzo” appeared. It was a collection of designer Irene Golitsyna, represented by silk trouser suits.

And our time new breathing into the pajama style inhaled Janny Versace. In 1995, he noted this style of the spring-summer collection of dresses of light silk fabrics, which so reminded night shirts and combinations. Dolce&Gabbana in 2009 released a collection of silk costumes of standard pajama colors that had belts and delay collars. This collection appealed to many Hollywood stars.

 This year was no exception to the pajama style. Since prints, wide skirts and free silhouettes are in fashion, fashion designers decided not to ignore the pajama costumes, supplementing them with clutches, sandals and various accessories.

Be sure to note that when choosing a jacket or blouse in combination with free trousers, you need to remember the details: expensive belts, jewelry, hats. Expensive fabrics and successfully selected details will burn a possible opinion about the simplicity of pajamas suits.

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