How to lose weight wisely: what you need to know, features

We all have to sit on diets sometimes to lose a couple of three kilograms before vacation or after winter holidays. After all, excess weight is not only not beautiful, but also harmful to health. . The main thing is not to overdate and harm their health with too strict diets, because often people get to the point that they sit only on the water, without receiving the necessary vitamins and minerals, and this is fraught with vitamin deficiency and a decrease in bone tissue due to calcium deficiency. Why do you need such problems?

Any business should be approached reasonably, do not fall into extremes, this will not help. . Do not spend long diets – this will not bring much benefit, it is better to arrange fasting days or two per week, simply excluding fatty, fried and smoked, leaning on vegetables, fruits and kefir. And throughout the week you can engage in fitness or regular swimming in the pool to maintain muscles and skin in tone, because it often happens that after losing weight the skin sags and many stretch marks appear.

Remember that it is best to eat a little, but often, not everything and at a time. .

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