What are culinary traditions

Our rather ancient and established culinary traditions very clearly distinguish between festive and daily cuisines. Meat and salads are served on the festive table, and for everyday soups and cereals. But the soup may well be a festive dish – only if you go beyond the usual recipes and update your culinary arsenal.

We bring to your attention a real festive miracle-mushroom soup-puree with cheese and croutons. It’s not so difficult to cook it – the main thing is to choose the right products of good quality.

So, for the preparation of a soup you will need a kilogram of champignons, two hundred grams of cream, three hundred grams of hard cheese (for your preference, but better than the Variety “Worker”, “Maazdamer”, etc.), onions, potatoes, salt and pepper. Champignons must be washed and cut into pieces for frying. Together with mushrooms, you can fry and onions, chopped into pieces. Frown products must be cooled and chopped in a blender to a puree state. At the same time, boil cleaned potatoes in three liters of water, extract and also rub in mashed potatoes. Place potatoes, mushrooms and onions in boiling water, cook for 10-12 minutes over low heat, then pour in a thin stream of cream and pour finely grated cheese. Salt and pepper add to taste. Soup can be served both hot and cold with garlic croutons – it is perfect as a dietary vegetarian product. This soup has a long history. At one time, from the tables of the French aristocracy, he migrated to the tables of ordinary peasants who elevated him to the rank of real cult! 

What other soups can become the central dish of the festive table? Of course, the team of the hodgepodge! It includes several varieties of meat, sausages, vegetables, spices and, of course, lemon – a real highlight of this spicy, fragrant and incredibly tasty soup. But how to turn the usual hodgepodge into a festive masterpiece? There is a wise saying – “song – nothing, performance – everything” – so with soup. The ingredients can be standard, but the serving solves a lot – first of all, the reaction to the filed dish. Great aesthetes – the Japanese and the Chinese – believe that beautiful food becomes much tastier, even if it was prepared from the same as not beautiful. So do not be lazy to beautifully serve the table with napkins, special dishes for soup and serve this dish exquisite – like a real work of art!

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