Where is Bali is it worth it to start a trip

Bali is located in a truly amazing place – where the two oceans of the Pacific and Indian convex. This is one of the islands of the Indonesian archipelago, which is the largest in the world. Bali – these are smoking volcanoes, impassable jungle, rice and tea plantations, ancient temples, palaces. Bali is one of the most visited islands in the world, they go here for exotic.

Everything is exotic here. The type of mountain rice plantations generally amazes the imagination of a simple layman. Palm groves, mountain lakes, wide beaches with volcanic sand – they presented all this diversity, and now imagine that this is all located on a tiny island among the endless, blue ocean. Amazing the imagination, is it so?

Here you suddenly feel the difference between the wealth of hotels and the poverty of local residents. Hotels are designed for visitors, and they are much richer than local ones, so the entire local population strives to get a job in the service sector.

In order to get to Bali, you need to get an Indonesian visa, it will take 6 working days, but an urgent order is also provided – in 1 day.

It is necessary to tear out the time of the year to visit the island responsibly. At first glance, it is warm and summer all year round, the air and water temperature are almost equal and are 26-28 degrees, but not everything is so simple. The equatorial climate of the island is characterized by two seasons, the rainy season from November to March, and the dry season from March to September. But even in the humid season, thunderstorms pass, as a rule, at night, an hour or two continuous rain, and stars shine in the sky again. Also, do not forget about tide and castings, this is a year -round phenomenon on Bali, on all organized beaches there are signs, about what condition is the ocean now.

The flight from Moscow lasts 15 hours if your travel time does not coincide with the period of traditional holidays (New Year or May) you have to use regular flights. Of course, it’s cheaper to buy a ticket there and back.

It is at Bali that you can become a real millionaire, if you exchange, a lock of $ 100, the rate ranges from 8,000 – 11,000 rupees per dollar. It is most profitable to exchange money at the airport or bank.

It is customary to bargain on Bali, as a rule, you can reduce the price by half. In order not to overpay it better to refrain from shopping in the first few days, spend them on the purchase of tan and acquaintance with the total price level.

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