What attractions are there in Chile whether to arrange a trip

Chile state is located on the southwestern coast of South America, Chile, like a long strip between the ocean and the Andes. Area of ​​about 750 thousand. sq. km. With a population of approximately 15 million. Human. The state language is the Spanish.

The capital of Chile, Santiago, is the most large city of the country, is located in the central valley and is part of the main capital region. This city was founded by the first governor of Chile Pedro de Valverey and named after the patron saint of Spain Yakov.

The architecture of the city is a mixture of European style and ancient Indian temples.

There are many interesting objects for inspection here.: National Museum of Belias Artes, stadium for them. Viktor Hara, O-Higgins Park, the National Stadium attracts lovers of spectacular football matches, and the most popular and successful team of the country of Kolo-Colo plays at the stadium stadium

In the central part of the city there is a very beautiful Plis de Armas Square, a number of buildings in the beautiful style of Baroque were built in its period. Of these, the Catholic Cathedral and the Presidential Palace, as well as the town hall, are most noteworthy. There are other interesting attractions, such as the monetary courtyard and church of San Francisco.

The most important place and attraction of Santiago is the hill of St. Louis, which is crowned with an old castle.

One of the exquisite jewelry of the city is the white -stone statue of the Virgin Mary, located on the mountain, where you can get using a lift.

As in any capital of the world in Santiago, there are many museums, such as the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of the Docolum era, the Museum of History and the Museum of the famous Chilean poet Pablo Neruda.

Other unique areas of this country will also interest and surprise and surprise. The famous desert of Atakama -one from the most interesting places in the country and at the same time is one of the most dry and lifeless places on the planet. Traces of ancient cultures and civilizations here can be found in almost every corner. At the beginning of the last century, traces of the ancient Indian tribes of Mayan were discovered here, which are considered the most wise inhabitants of our planet of all time.

The most beautiful region of Chile is in the east of the country and is called altiplano. This is a highland area, unique to its nature and the beauty of mountain rivers and lakes. Here is the famous biosphere reserve of world significance Lauk and the National Park of Isluga.

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