How to make out the signs of a family crisis in time

Creating a family, many women always hope that their marriage will last an eternity, and relations with their spouse will be the same romantic and passionate. But time passes and crisis occurs in family life. .

But how to recognize the signs of a family crisis? . If you or your husband, constantly look for the reasons for not going into intimacy. If you cannot solve an important problem together, since everyone wants to do everything in their own. You have long forgotten about yourself and completely plunged into work or family chores. .

The first crisis that can overtake the spouses is the crisis of the first year of life together. As a rule, it is associated with grinding and addiction to each other. . And here there will be only true love that will help to overcome such a crisis with ease.

The next crisis is associated with the birth of the first -born. Of course, having become a mother, every woman devotes all her time to the child, but her husband slowly fades into the background. Very often men worry about this, begin to be jealous and feel abandoned. But this condition is characteristic of those who were not ready for the appearance of the baby, but the long -awaited child, on the contrary, will only strengthen the marriage.

At about the 7th year of life together, the spouses cease to appreciate what they have. So the crisis of monotony occurs. Everything has already been established in their life: home, children, career. And therefore, they simply do not notice small joys and completely forget about romance. As a rule, a person cannot live without new sensations and as a result of betrayal and divorce. The best advice is to learn how to cherish what you have, trust each other and support in everything.

The most important and severe crisis falls on the achievement of the spouses of the age of forty. Both spouses experience emotional stagnation, which is closely connected with fear of an approaching old age. At this age, children are no longer the reason to save the family, so most pairs break up during this period. Only one way out is to give each other a second youth. As soon as possible, go on a romantic journey, give each other gifts and only good emotions.

But the most important thing that the family crisis has not overtaken you on, remember that after it there is always a new and vivid stage of your relationship.

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