How to limit the consumption of sweets in children

People know that sweets destroy their teeth, but for most of them these are just words that can not destroy the established traditions for centuries. Imagine a conscientious mother who generously treats the child with sweets. She thinks about how pleasure the baby experiences. But doesn’t she know what she sacrifices his teeth?

Starting from infancy, as soon as the baby is excommunicated from the chest, it is much more useful to give him fresh fruits and vegetable puree. How to switch to additional meals is a separate conversation. And now a few words about sweet. We advise you to make sure that the baby later learned about sweets, chocolate and cakes. He will inevitably meet them in the big world, but this temptation will be calm. Cookies that tend to clog between the teeth contributes to the development of caries. When the time comes to introduce the baby to these goodies, it is better to give them to the child at a certain time and not seduce the child, placing sweets throughout the house. Sweet should not always be at home. And adults should also adhere to these rules, showing an example to a small imitator. We advise you to buy sweets only in exceptional cases. For example, on holidays. You should not use sweets as an incentive or reward: “You behave well, take a piece of cake”. Better invite your child to play together.

For young children, the best sweets are fruits (preferably characteristic of the terrain), vegetables, juices.

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