What is toxiosis: how to get rid of

Toxicosis in pregnant women is due to the changes that occur with the body of a woman during the development of the fetal egg. Often, they arise in case of any deviation of the state of health of the future mother. There are two types of toxicosis: early and late.  Early, as a rule, occur in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy.

Early toxicosis in pregnant women manifests itself in poor well -being, inhibited, and is often accompanied by nausea or, in some cases, abundant salivation. The main indicator of toxicosis is vomiting, which can occur several times a day. The main characteristics of toxicosis are a constant feeling of weakness, irritability, drowsiness, and weight loss is also possible, which, however, should not surprise you.

With severe toxicosis, the female body is worried about excessive vomiting, which can occur up to twenty times a day, which is accompanied by severe dehydration and a sharp weight loss of a pregnant woman. As a result, her skin becomes flabby and dry, the unpleasant odor is bothering, body temperature rises, the pulse quickens, blood pressure decreases. All this is unfortunate for the development of the fetus.

When the first signs of toxicosis appear, be sure to contact your obstetrician-gynecologist. In a antenatal clinic, they conduct treatment of early toxicosis of future mothers. As a rule, if you turned in time for the necessary therapy, then you can eliminate the troubles in a short time. During this period, it is best for a woman to spend more time in the fresh air, because walks have a positive effect on the woman’s body. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to follow the diet.

The food that you eat should be, be sure to be non -wary. It is necessary to weigh regularly, and if you notice a sharp decline in weight, then this is a signal that directs you to a consultation with a doctor.  You may have terrible vomiting, but you can’t bring the body categorically to this. If you have a slight form of toxicosis, then hospitalization is most likely not required, but this does not mean at all that you should not pay attention to this with the thought, “everyone passes through it, and I must”!.. You owe nothing. !!!

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