Tips on how to quickly bring yourself to the form after the New Year holidays

New Year’s holidays took place and the reflection in the mirror began not to please you, and your favorite trousers began not to climb? Better in no hurry to look for a quick diet, as its results will be short -lived. The best time for all kinds of changes in nutrition will be the beginning of the year.  We want to offer you ten not difficult principles that will help to eat right.

1. Do not let your hunger take possession of you!

Get a meal when you get hungry, and not when you are called to the table.

Do not tolerate hunger for more than twenty minutes. After this time, you will cease to control yourself and begin to grab everything that will fall into your hands, and this is sandwiches, sweets, and fast food, in general, all malicious products. In addition, if you are very hungry, you will not notice how to eat more norms. The best break between meals 5 hours. In the intervals of this time, you can afford small snacks: drink a glass of kefir or eat an apple, this will help to uninterrupt the metabolism work.

2. Try not to drink food!

It is harmful to drink during food, as this can disrupt the digestion process. If you are still used to drinking food and cannot restrain yourself, then we will advise you to eat liquid in small sips, but the total amount of fluid drunk should not exceed one third of the total amount of food.

3. Learn to combine products

Sometimes, you should not combine some products because they can cause bloating. For example, it is not recommended to eat cabbage, grapes, and milk in one meal, in combination, these products cause fermentation processes in the intestines.

4. Correctly select drinks

Watch what you drink, especially if it comes to alcohol. If you drink wine during a meal, then it should be diluted with a little water.

5. Chew your food thoroughly

Taking food in a calm state, you will not allow you to eat too much and at the same time, you will not earn extra calories.

6. You need to use dessert plates.

7. In no case do not jam stress.

8. It is not recommended to watch TV while eating, as external stimuli will distract you from food and make you eat more than required.

9. Choose a light dessert.

10. You need to learn how to recognize satiety. There is a great rule: you need to go out from the table with a slight feeling of hunger.

Adhere to these principles, and the body will be grateful to you.

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