Popular cleaning tools in a house or apartment

Any housewife has their own arsenal in the arsenal for years and generations for cleaning the house. But for some reason, many of them continue to use old methods, although now you can find means that will not only quickly help clean the surface, but also destroy microbes much better than “grandmother” methods. Learn yourself? Then this article is for you.

Myth No. 1. Antibacterial agents will destroy all living things.

. . There are disinfectants to destroy all microbes. To cleanse the potentially dangerous surface, antibacterial agents are not enough. .

Myth No. 2. The cleaning product can be washed off right away.

The chemical composition in cleaning agents needs a certain time so that its properties are manifested. .

Myth No. 3. There is enough chlorine to keep cleanliness in the house.

Khlorok products are far from panacea from all microbes and viruses. And besides, not all surfaces need total disinfection. And certainly it is not recommended to use chlorine when cleaning wood and stone. For example, to clean marble, you need a means to purify marble.

Myth No. 4. Better natural means than “chemistry”.

Yes, vinegar with soda and lemon juice is harmless to health, but they will not cope with very contaminated surfaces. Moreover, they will not completely destroy microbes and fungi.

Myth No. 5. Should be washed in cold water.

To save, many housewives like to wash in barely warm water, so that less electricity. . In cold water, you need to wash natural silk and natural wool. .

Myth No. 6..

Not at all, frequent cleaning of carpet coatings will retain their appearance and extend life. Vacuum cleaning of fibers get rid of settling dust, therefore, the more often you vacuum the carpets, the better for them.

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