How to treat adenoid inflammation correctly

Adenoids are inflammation of the upper respiratory tract in which the pharyngeal tonsil increases. The disease occurs most often in children from three to ten years, the cause is most often viruses or chronic diseases such as sinusitis, rhinitis, pharyngitis.

It is most often considered that the causes of adenoids are breathing problems. Often children suffering from this disease breathe poorly with their nose, often snore at night, and sometimes even begin to talk later than others. The child’s voice becomes nasal and thin.

Breathing with a mouth can lead to a child may have a specific adenoid facial expression. Often violation of the body’s enrichment with oxygen can lead to an anemia. If you start, then inflammation of adenoids, which is called adenoiditis, may develop. With such inflammation, the temperature rises, and there are problems with nasal breathing.

There are several stages of adenoid development.

1. The first degree adenoids, while the pharyngeal tonsil occupies only the upper part.

2. Adenoids of the second degree. At the same time, tonsil takes two -thirds of the height of new moves.

3. Adenoids of the third degree. This stage, in which the pharyngeal tonsil occupies almost the entire coupon.

At the first stage, the disease can be cured by folk remedies. But the second and third stages can only be cured by surgically. Therefore, treat the disease of the respiratory tract of the child with high quality, do not allow the development of new.

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