Fitness Rules: how to avoid injuries

Glated fitness classes can lead to various injuries, which are not at all in anticipation of vacation. So, in order to prevent serious health problems during sports, you should adhere to a few simple rules.

Never begin to actively engage in strength exercises without warm -ups, your body is not ready yet, and you have already loaded all muscles and bones in full in full program. Here they are not with habit and can not stand it. It is necessary to warm up thoroughly, and after starting more serious exercises. If you are already slightly sweating, then everything, you can proceed to enhanced movements. Also, do not forget that it is necessary to carry out a warm -up and after the main exercises, it is enough for her to devote five minutes, and do not forget to carry out stretching, this will not allow rupture of the ligaments and damage to the muscles.

During classes, your movements should not be constrained, and, moreover, you should not feel discomfort during classes. Therefore, for training, select only comfortable and free clothes that will not bother you. In addition, clothes are selected depending on the sport that you are engaged in. If this is running, then convenient and practical shoes are needed here, which will not squeeze the foot and limit your movements.

Also do not forget about drinking, because during sports or dancing the body is very dehydrated, and you lose the energy necessary for movement.

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