Classification of jealousy: features of how to avoid

Jealousy is a feeling of anxiety and fear caused by strong emotional emotions that arose due to the fact that your second half or just a person who is very close to you began to show interest in someone else, and not in you.

Jealousy is different: light, sparkling, jealousy-game. . .  Jealousy can be said to be authority, fear of loss, a sense of loneliness. That is, in other words, jealousy is related to a sense of property. For example, a wife, not releasing her spouse to her favorite football, does not want to share him with someone else. Jealousy is accompanied by a number of characteristics, such as pressure, restriction, control, etc.D. .

A healthy sense of jealousy is inherent in absolutely every person. This is a kind of sign that does not mean indifference to the satellite.  . So from what people become so jealous? The answer to this question should be sought in … childhood, yes, yes, it is there!!! After all, most likely, due to the lack of maternal love, a person has developed this complex to remain unnecessary and unloved. And the greater the shortage of love, the more control this person will be exercised. After all, children’s injuries do not leave us throughout the conscious life, so you should be very attentive to the upbringing of your child, so that then in his family life, life and peace reign.

How to get rid of this obsessive sense of jealousy.  After all, this, alas, is not in our power to prohibit ourselves to be jealous, because this happens not just like that, but because of something, that is, there is some reason or the need. And until it is satisfied, jealousy will exist in a wide variety of forms. It is necessary to figure out what is worth behind these experiences and anxieties to be abandoned and lonely.

But how not to twist, we are all, as they say, living people. And it is impossible to completely get rid of the discomfort of feelings, both to us and our loved ones. But still, you can at least try to realize and knowingly relate to these feelings, analyzing the reasons for their occurrence.

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