Hypertonus: causes, treatment of the disease

Hypertonus is customary in our country to be considered a dangerous and terrible diagnosis. A huge number of pregnant women for this reason lies in the department of pathology. And in the West there is no such diagnosis at all. The tone can be false and, accordingly, the treatment is false, or maybe it will happen that it will cause premature outfitted water area and will remain unnoticed.

Reducing the muscle fibers of the uterus long before the expected duration of childbirth and is called uterine hypertonicity. The tension and the appearance of severity in the lower abdomen, pain in the perineum and pubis are characteristic in this case and the lower back pain may join. You can compare this pain with menstrual. The true, the hypertonicity for which treatment is required, is rare.

Progesterone hormone pregnancy relaxes the uterine muscles, which are always reduced in a normal state, so for nine months the uterus is soft, stretching and early periods of the due date do not expel the fetus.

From approximately the twentieth week, training fights begin. Thus, the uterus begins to be prepared for childbirth. The nature of the fights is unstable, is more likely an episodic character. Such contractions do not cause discomfort. They are easily eliminated when walking or under a warm shower. You can also perform breathing exercises and everything will stop.

The tone may appear as a result of active physical exertion, stressful situations, during ultrasound examination or under the influence of other irritants.

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