What is the main secret of a successful career

The secret of a successful career is the same, both for men and women. Although it is easier for men to achieve career growth, because a caring wife covers the rear, however, knowing the rules of the “game”, the weaker sex can achieve no less results.

The first thing to learn, work is a game, complex and cruel, the rules of which are not constant and their change must not be overlooked. There is only one thing in the game, to come to the finish line first. Treat everything in cold blood, show the initiative and do not be afraid, even if you lose, negative experience is also useful. After analyzing your mistakes, you will not allow them again.

Do not overdo it at work, because you risk getting bogged down in the routine. How paradoxically it does not sound, too zealously fulfilling all the instructions of your bosses, you risk losing to someone more initiative. Of course, you can’t do without hard work, but the label ant is also unlikely to inspire anyone.

In no case do not agree to do someone else’s work, otherwise you will be lit up with it so that you can do your own. The request of “help” is only another way to manipulate you in your selfish interests. Fulfilling other people’s assignments, you will steal time yourself, instead of directing it to achieve the goals.

Do not be too gullible, it is this female feature that most often brings the weaker sex. Check the reliability of the information coming to you, and if you don’t understand something, do not hesitate to demand an explanation.

Watch what you say, very open, you will harm yourself, it can also happen if you begin to settle other people’s problems. If you decide to say something that are not sure of, first of all evaluate how this can affect you personally.

Try to acquire useful acquaintances, and when the time comes, do not hesitate to ask them for help. The whole world is built on the rule that has existed since the beginning of time: “You, I to you”.

Do not tear yourself away from the team, support the company’s internal policy. Having arrived at the corporate party, it is not necessary to light up until morning, usually after two hours of fun no one cares, who is, and who quietly retired about his business. Support and feel a team, a valuable gift for a person who strives to advance up the career ladder.

Try to learn how to have people after the first minutes of communication, it was this feature that helped many celebrities achieve great success in due time. Listen to what others say about you, this knowledge may come in handy.

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