Is frequent ultrasound is harmful to the health of the fetus

Many women, having decided to have a child, long before that, completely refuses alcohol in any form. Do this a little mistaken. According to gynecologists of the University of Copenhagen, women who regularly accept the small share of red wine are more likely to become pregnant, and in the next months of pregnancy, they feel much better than desperate tenders. The scientific substantiation of such statistics has not yet been brought out, but the theory is advanced that the wine that takes in small quantities has positively affects the work of the uterus and ovaries. But the main thing is not to overdo it with the dose of wine.

It is worth noting that you should not get carried away by examination of the fetus using ultrasound. The studies have shown that frequent ultrasounds can negatively affect the physical and mental development of the fetus. But this does not mean at all that it is necessary to completely abandon ultrasonic diagnostics, because this method has been the best for many years. But to refer to this diagnostic species only based on medical needs and requirements, but, not just relying on overwhelming curiosity. You must create the most comfortable conditions for the development of your unborn baby, in no case risking it with health. If you have anxiety of any nature, be sure to consult a gynecologist who will calm your experiences and give valuable recommendations.

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