Is it worth giving children kefir: when to start

Kefir is a sour friend of our stomach with you. It is also quite useful for your baby. Kefir is from the Caucasus, and its name has gone from the word “keph”, which translates as “health”. Kefir is incredibly useful for intestinal microflora, it protects, and also prevents any intestinal disorders. In addition, kefir includes “special microorganisms” that fight pathogenic flora, and also kill pathogens of many diseases – including tuberculosis. Using kefir, you can restore your intestinal microflora, which arose under the influence of dysbiosis and other intestinal diseases. Kefir is prescribed by doctors during many childhood diseases: dysbiosis, anemia, rickets, pneumonia, as well as when the baby decreases or the appetite disappears after the diseases at all. Kefir should not be cold or, conversely, hot. The child needs to give it exclusively warm.

It is very important that kefir contains a rather strong antiseptic – lactic acid. Thanks to the acidic environment that kefir forms in your stomach, calcium, iron, and vitamin D are better absorbed. In addition, kefir helps to improve digestion and assimilate all kinds of nutrients in your body.

Kefir should be introduced into the nutrition of children only after the eighth month of life. And if the child is on artificial feeding, then kefir can be started a little earlier – from the 6th or 7th month of the baby’s life. Start with 30 ml, constantly increasing the amount of kefir for the baby, and after 4-5 days get to the full volume. But more than 200 ml at an early age, children should not be taken.

Kefir will remove toxins from the baby’s body, as well as other harmful substances, which will help to cure many diseases, and not only those that relate to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Kefir has a high content of calcium, beneficial vitamins, proteins, as well as other nutrients, due to which kefir can restore the natural balance in our body. Thus, kefir will positively affect the development of your healthy and strong child.

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