A variety of recipes for making salads for girls

Among the beautiful half of humanity there are a lot of fans of salads. In fact, this simple and tasty dish can be high -calorie, light, hot, cold, word – universal! What salads have the title of the most beloved?

Greek salad has a long history. Its basis is goat or velic cheese, olives and vegetables. It is not at all difficult to cook such a salad. . Olives can be placed intact, or you can cut them with halves – if desired. All ingredients must be mixed in deep container, poured with olive oil, sprinkled with fragmentation and sprinkled with greens – basil and cilantro. .

Hot Maltese salad is a little more complicated in preparation. . All ingredients are mixed, sprayed with balsamic vinegar and laid out on a wide dish on a sheet of any salad. Iceberg or arugula – each gourmet determines, of course, himself.

Seafood salad has long lost its nationality. . .   You can refuel such a salad with sour cream or mayonnaise, but depending on the composition of the vegetables, you can try to season the salad and olive oil – then you can add aromatic spices (ground fragrant pepper, rosemary, phenhel, and pr.)

In the taste of salad, a huge role is played by the refueling. . The most popular sauces are prepared on the basis of white wine, olive oil, egg yolks, spices, cream and balsamic vinegar. 

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