What diet to choose for weight loss: criteria

Diet is difficult. Everyone knows about this, who had to observe a hard diet, there is little and tasteless. It is for this reason that the diet is real stress not only for the digestive system, but also for the nervous. But these suffering are in vain, because the diet should and may be delicious!

So, we choose what can be the dietary basis of your diet.

First of all, you should pay attention to chicken meat. . . It is better to cook chicken breast for steam do not use salt and other seasonings. You can bake it in a small amount of olive oil in the oven. . With chicken meat, you can cook salads, the first and second dishes, and the broth left after the breast can be used as a low -calorie base for vegetable soups and sauces. Yes! .

For dietary sauce, use broth, tomato puree and fragrant herbs – mix them and evaporate over low heat with a drop of olive oil.

In fact, olive oil can be an integral ingredient in dietary nutrition. It has a unique useful composition, easily absorbed, perfectly complements salads and is suitable for cooking any dishes.

Vegetables are the basis of many diets. However, many women do not tolerate this basis and suffer from intestinal disorders. How to avoid this? Firstly, you should not think that you completely move to the “herbal” food, you will immediately drop off all the excess. It is important to know the measure and not harm. Without fear, you can eat raw tomatoes, cucumbers – all that you are used to and slowly introduce stewed zucchini in the diet – an excellent dietary product. You can extinguish zucchini in olive oil with the addition of greens – parsley, basil, dill, oregano. And again – forget about salt!

Great dietary product – fish. And you can cook it very tasty – bake in the oven without a drop of oil in lemon juice or white wine. Cooking time is an hour, and you will receive energy and joy for the whole day.

Many women, sitting on a diet, completely abandon the flour. . Do not ignore the bread – a real fiber concentrate that will not add you a gram of excess weight.  

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