Wellness tourism what are these features

. Among them you can meet just pleasant SPA procedures, and rather complex surgical interventions, for example, a transplant of vital organs.

. ? . The second reason is that in emergency situations it is better to go to another state where the required assistance will be able to provide immediately than for a long time to wait for similar actions in their homeland.


Among the most popular and popular areas of medical tourism are countries such as Colombia, Cuba, Costa Rica, Singapore, Malaysia, India and Thailand. Gradually, Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia are gaining popularity. Recently, these states have succeeded in the development of plastic surgery and cosmetology. But Costa Rica and Mexico are known for their dental achievements and are very popular among tourists from America, where dentist services can be a whole fortune.

A healing trip, like any other type of rest, requires careful preparation. So, experts recommend in advance personally to contact a doctor and fully make sure that his qualification is fully complies with the international standard, it is also worth talking to patients who have already experienced certain procedures in the institution where you intend to go.

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