What to do if you really want to eat, and you are on a diet

Many are faced with the problem of overeating, and this is especially true for those who sit on a diet. After all, in the afternoon, a person still has some forces to hold on, especially since close ones can control you, and at night when everyone sleeps you can get into the refrigerator and eat something tasty. In the morning you will reproach yourself for that, tighten the measures as a punishment, and at night you will not be able to overcome your appetite. So that this does not happen, and the diet has bear fruit, you should adhere to several simple rules.

In order not to want to eat at night, do not remove absolutely all protein products from your diet during the diet, because it is precisely because of the deficiency of tripophanes in the body, which is contained in fish, low-fat meat and dairy products, sleep and mood worsen. After all, the hormone of the happiness of serotonin and sleep Melatonin is produced with the help of tripophanes, and without them you will feel broken and evil. Therefore, during the diet, do not forget that the body cannot be deprived of useful substances necessary for it so that after the end of the diet you will not receive serious health problems.

If you feel a strong hunger that prevents you from falling asleep, deceive yourself – eat an apple, a banana or drink a glass of water, most importantly, deceive your stomach and try to fall asleep. For a better sleep, you can drink a glass of warm milk with honey, such a mixture will calm your nerves, help to relax and quench a little hunger.   

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