How to make your relationship confidential

You can often hear that the most important secret of harmonious relations between a man and a woman is confidence. Indeed, if there is no trust in a couple, life together risks turning into a real nightmare with constant reproaches, uncertainty, jealousy, scandals.

Mutual trust is a certain foundation of relations, expressed in openness and goodwill, in the absence of doubts about the decency and fidelity of the partner. Above him, as well as on the relationship as a whole, you need to constantly work.

The most important condition for the formation of trust from the partner is the presence of a certain zone of mental comfort, emotional security.

To create it, first of all, follow how your communication occurs. A partner who inspires trust is always ready to listen to his soul mate, he never interrupts it, and if he has additional questions, he must ask them – but only after the interlocutor finished the phrase.

Avoid omissions and undergrewing. Do not forget that your partner does not know how to read thoughts, so if you are missing something or something does not suit you, try to talk about it directly and clearly. If you keep everything in itself – in a relationship, tension will certainly begin to feel. Do not silence problems. They will not be decided by themselves, and in the future, if they do not discuss them in a timely manner, they will only accumulate and can even become a reason for a divorce.

When communicating with your loved one, try to smile more often, provide him with signs of attention and show him your location in every way. This is a small psychological trick associated with the fact that we trust people more when we see that they like them.

Another important point is the correct behavior during a quarrel. Not one is safe from this, even the most ideal couple. In order not to spoil relations under the influence of emotions, try to control your words and behavior. Do not recall past grievances to the man, do not deviate from the current topic, do not use generalizing accusations, do not attract other family members to the proceedings. If you feel that someone is ready to flare up-it is better to pause and return to the question when both are in a more calm state.

And of course, be always honest with your partner. Remember that trust is one of those fragile substances, which is difficult to create and support, and you can irrevocably destroyed in an instant.

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