What is the disease – ovarian cyst

Unfortunately, the ovarian cyst has recently become a frequent diagnosis. The disease appears not only in women of childbearing age, but also in women who have crossed the forty -year -old milestone. How the cyst develops? A single cyst grows out of the graal of the bubble, which for some reason did not explode, and liquid has accumulated in it. Multiple cysts arise due to undersized inflammatory processes. The cyst more often has dimensions from two to seven centimeters, but sometimes there are large copies.

Divide the ovarian cysts into organic and functional. Temporary – functional cysts are more likely to be in women in childbearing age. With conservative treatment, you can get rid of them in one to three months. Since hormonal imbalance is the cause of functional cysts, they are cured by hormonal drugs, which the doctor will select individually for you. An organic cyst can more often be found in women in forty. This is a denser education. It does not pass on its own. It is cured by surgically.

But, as they say, it is better to warn the disease than to treat. Store yourself, do not dress too easily in the cold season. One of the causes of the disease is inflammation of the genital organs. In addition, sexual infections, frequent abortions also contribute to the formation of ovarian pussy.

In the treatment of this disease, the doctor makes an appointment depending on the type of cyst. Usually cysts are benign in nature, which does not go into malignant.  As already mentioned, functional cysts are treated with the use of hormonal means. After the course, a woman should attend a gynecologist for examinations. Surgical intervention is prescribed in more difficult cases: hemorrhage, inflammation, suppuration, rupture and others. Particularly dangerous cases – the break or twisting of the legs require immediate operation.

Most often there are no signs of the manifestation of functional cysts. They can be found by a doctor during preventive examinations, which once again speaks of their importance.  Only in very rare cases can a cyst manifest itself in the form of pulling pain in the lower abdomen, nausea, short attacks of acute pain during menstruation, frequent false urination. In any case, you must immediately consult a doctor. And the sooner the better.

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