A set of exercises for a pregnant woman to preserve the figure

According to doctors, pregnancy is not a disease, and it is necessary to treat yourself as an absolutely healthy person for all nine months. . Therefore, it is necessary to help your body restore its former form.

The stomach is that part of the body that can be said, “unlucky” is the most, because in the nine months of bearing the fetus the skin is significantly stretched, moreover, the extra pounds “hid” in this place, which is a reserve of energy that a young mother will need a young mother for childbirth and feeding your baby. . 

Even if you begin to monitor your health state and, directly, the figure only during pregnancy, you can also do a lot of things useful for yourself and your baby. Initially, pay your attention to food, it should be balanced and rational. .  .

. Bandage and binting of the abdomen are necessary only if the obstetrician-gynecologist tells you about this.

There are many charges and exercises designed specifically for pregnant women, as well as for those who only gave birth. When performing these exercises, it is necessary to properly distribute breathing, it should be uniform deep and not bring the body to drown. After examination by an obstetrician-gynecologist, you can consult with him whether you can return to classes or training by the sport that you did before pregnancy. Be sure to listen to the opinion of your doctor, because it is quite possible that significant loads are still contraindicated for you.

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